Wes’ Circus supporting the Roche family

Saturday, November 19, 2022 | 4 – 7pm
Newtown Athletic Club, 120 Pheasant Run, Newtown PA 18940

Wes’ Story

Wes is surrounded by a loving family of five that includes his mother, Nicole, his father, Alex, and his two siblings Lucy and Aiden.  On July 1, 2022 Wes’ mother was diagnosed with Stage IV Cervical Cancer.  As a local wedding photographer and mother in a tight knit homeschooling community, Nicole is a cherished member of Bucks County.

In September, while still processing the first diagnosis, Nicole and Alex were hit with news that parents never want to hear.  Wes, their four-year old, is also fighting for his life.  Following complaints of severe stomach pain, Wes’ doctors diagnosed him with Diffuse Anaplastic Wilm’s Tumor.  Surgery was scheduled immediately to remove both the tumor and kidney.  Wes is now beginning the journey of chemotherapy while his little body fights the same battle his mother is facing.

This mother and son team have so much love for their family and friends and are challenging the beast of cancer hand in hand.  Wes has an electric personality that lights up any room he is in.  It is our hope that by throwing him a circus, he can find that light again while taking a break from the new family routine of tests, treatments, hospitals, and sicknesses.

If you have any questions about this event please contact:
Diane Dowler at 609-439-1278

A $50,000 check was presented to the Roche family on 12/14/22 representing the proceeds of the Circus Event.   Thank you to the entire community for the amazing support!  We are humbled to be able to give to this deserving family.

Although the event is over and was a huge success, you may still donate to the Have a Heart foundation to help those in need in our community.