52K in 52 Weeks

Apply for a $1,000 donation for your cause here.

For over 40 years the NAC has made as part of our mission giving back to our community and beyond.  Inspired by attending a holiday event at an iconic Newtown institution, NAC owner, Jim Worthington, is announcing one of our charitable initiatives.

The NAC will be giving away $1,000.00 each week to a different charity, non profit or urgent cause.  Our hope and goal is not only to financially help those in need but to highlight them so other individuals and businesses in the community are motivated to join in as well.

“Spread the Wealth and Spread the Word”

The NAC has always led by example to support great causes in the community that are having the greatest impact on the most people.

In order to receive one of these donations, please complete the submission form on this page.